A little about Chef Ana

I love mixing delicious food with great business practice. I've merged my expertise in business with my skills as a professional chef to bring At Mr Georges Table to the world.


At Mr George’s table has been a long time coming… In fact, it’s been 20 years since I picked up a cooking utensil and seriously thought ‘I could do this for a living’.  Looking back, my love of food was no accident. As a child, I watched my Grandmother’s kitchen transform into a place where magic happened. Years later, my father took me on a journey which I call my ‘seven years of significance’, where he shared his passion for food around the table, explaining the importance and purpose of every dish he created and each pain-staking detail that came with it – something for which I am now very grateful.


I have been known for a long time as a person who helped to transform businesses into the most efficient service model they could achieve. I’m also known for being an involved leader, with excellent attention to detail and someone with a unique talent in managing lots of complex relationships.

My ability to combine my qualifications as a chef together with my executive business background has afforded me the opportunity to bring the two worlds of food and business much closer together to create a memorable service.



As a student studying a Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts and then as an adult, working in the corporate world - creating, teaching and serving were always going to be a part of who I was to become. Achieving a long-held ambition of becoming a chef now enables me to live my purpose, share my skill and inform, educate and assist more people to nourish themselves and their families.